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The fact is that Antoni Benaiges, a republican teacher taught in that school, who in 1934 brought to the town a new pedagogy called “Freinet pedagogy”.

The abandonment of extensive rural areas has reached alarming limits, Brussels has given a touch of attention to Spain in this regard since in some parts of the provinces of Castilla-León are counting population densities of the Arctic Circle. In Bañuelos, a small town in the north of Burgos with just 30 inhabitants during the winter of 2013, a novel project was born that tries to attract visitors and revitalize the whole area through the recovery of the old abandoned school, to create a cultural space and a pedagogical museum. This initiative has been carried out by the association Escuela Benaiges, Bañuelos de Bureba.

Freinet’s ideas sought to change the world order by creating free, happy and committed people.

The project of Benaiges was tragically interrupted when, after the rise of the National troops, he was arrested and shot.

The case of Bañuelos de Bureba although it is not frequent is not the only one, there are other towns in the province that have cultural initiatives to recover not only population but also try to recover folklore, traditions and popular culture.

This documentary began filming in January and was completed in the spring of 2017, in order to capture the changes of the environment, the lights and the mood of its inhabitants. The soundtrack was composed by Manel Gil-Inglada adapted to the emotional changes of each season and was recorded by local musicians integrating rhythms and traditional instruments of the province of Burgos.

In short, a hopeful vision narrated by its own inhabitants that makes us see that betting on these small towns and on the people who fight to keep the traditions and popular culture alive is worthwhile.

The film has been co-produced by the association Off the report and by the association Escuela Benaiges, Bañuelos de Bureba.

Film data sheet

Director: Hugo Atman

Production: Hugo Atman

Script: Hugo Atman

Photography: Hugo Atman

Film edition: Hugo Atman

Sound: Hugo Atman

Music: Manel Gil-Inglada

Second camera operator: Sonia Håkansson

Filming Assistant: Dolores San Juan

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